Movies and moving

Today, the kids and I went to see “Despicable Me” in 3-D. My husband, John, and I heard good reviews, and all of us have had a very busy week with moving my office into the master bedroom so my oldest son can have the room. Plus, this morning we woke up to another dreary day with rain pouring down. I was glad for the rain–my vegetable and flower gardens need the soaking water to brighten them up.

But back to the movie: I used the movie as a carrot. So when the boys decided to fight in the car; not get their chores done; or argue with me, they would get a tick on the memo board by their respective names. We needed to leave by 1:20 to get to the matinee on time, and they were both one point away from losing the movie. Yet, they perservered and we headed toward the highway which would take us to Carmike Theaters.

Well, we got to the theater by dodging raindrops from the car to the box office. We got up to the ticket counter where I said, “Two kids and one adult for Despicable Me.”

“Twenty-nine dollars, please,” the clerk said.

“Huh? I thought we could see the movie in 2-D rather than 3-D.”

“Sorry, ma’am. We only have 3-D.”

“Okay, hold the tickets,” I said as I took the boys off to the side to catch my breath.

You see, thirty years ago, when my mom would take my brother, cousins or neighbors, and I to the movies, she got in for under $10. And I think that included drinks, popcorn, and candy. Granted, I expected to pay $20 for the matinee–but $30, come on!

Anyway, after I recovered from my shock, I went back up to the ticket window to order two kids and one adult tickets. I couldn’t let the kids down when they worked so hard to behave. However, I couldn’t move past my frugality so, we did have to forgo the snacks. Instead, we settled into our seats with our 3-D glasses.

I was a little annoyed at first because the first 20 minutes were spent showing Coke and popcorn ads as well as very annoying commercials. But once we stomached our way through the previews–that included a remake on Rampunzel–we settled into watch the movie.

Overall, the three of us enjoyed the movie. My youngest guffawed through most of the potty humor parts. And I admit I laughed a lot too. Watching my boys enjoying their afternoon–even without popcorn–as well as having some good laughs helped me to forget the pain of paying $30 for a Wednesday afternoon movie.

BTW: The movie is worth going to–but if you can see it in 2-D, all the better. Your wallet will thank you for it.


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